Upstate Testing & Evaluation Center, LLC - Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluations with Clinical Testing
Individuals often seek assessment and diagnosis in effort to gain a further understanding of their problems. Often individuals ask for specific testing in the areas of ADHD, learning disabilities or for emotional problems. We assist many clients who are seeking accomodations for specific licensure testing or educational services.
Physicians provide referrals to our center to confirm diagnosis or to identify other problematic issues their patient may be experiencing. This allows them to more accurately treat and medicate the patient.
Attorneys refer to Upstate Testing & Evaluation Center for mental status evaluations and full clinical evaluations to use in court for workman's compensation cases and disability benefits.
Government and private agencies make referrals for adoption cases, adult and child protective services, mental compentency, court hearings and employee evaluations.
We seek to meet each individual need in a timely manner. If you have time restraints, cost concerns or other issues, please do not hesitate to call.
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